7 Pregnancy Tips for a Healthy Child

 Pregnancy is indeed a special feeling and perhaps the most beautiful moment in a women’s life. But there are some tips that every mother should read about. In this post, we are going to discuss some of these. So lets’ move into that.

Enroll for a Childbirth Course

If I could share a simple strategy that can be followed by anyone will be getting yourself enrolled in a childbirth course. You can find these in almost all the major cities, and with the increase in their popularity, the kind of information you can get at such places is truly incredible.

If you get in early, they will guide you through every process including diet, exercise, and things you need to care about during labor.

You can read a lot of content online about pregnancy and even buy few books, but nothing beats the depth of information you will get at a childcare center.


If you are however busy and childbirth course isn’t a viable option, then you must read about diet. And don’t even think of going for a fad diet during pregnancy, instead stay focused on a balanced diet. Eating vegetables and fruits every day is a must. Don’t stress upon which fruit or vegetable you should avoid rather make sure that your plate is colorful.

Secondly, eating fish during pregnancy is great for the brain development of the child. Apart from that make sure you drink a lot of water as dehydration can have terrible consequences.

Don’t even think of drinking

Now I understand that wine and vodka are freaking awesome, but if you are pregnant, you need to let that all go. Any substance including cigarettes, alcohol or even crystal meth should be avoided at all costs. You also need to filter out medications and if you are suffering from any disease then consult with your doctor regularly.

Go for a walk now and then!

 Walking is perhaps a beautiful exercise on its own, but it is a whole lot beneficial when you are pregnant. Now if you are working, it ‘s hard to stay active and going to gym isn’t an option. So walking is a natural choice. I suggested going to park or somewhere where there is a lot of plants. This not only relives stress but keeps you and the baby super healthy. And studies have shown that regular walking reduces labor pain to some extent and increases the chances of having a normal birth.

But get some rest too

Staying active is important but taking proper rest is important too. There is no guideline you need to follow regarding sleep, and I guess you need to understand your body for rest. Some mothers take naps in the afternoon while some mothers prefer sleeping for 8-10 hours at night. It all depends on your body.

Practice and plan for childbirth

A lot of parents don’t plan their childbirth and whenever the time comes everyone starts panicking. So it is best to plan for your childbirth. First finalize where you want to have it, the hospital, at home or a birthing center. Spend time looking for the health care professional that will be present during the childbirth.

Lamaze classes, even offer some courses where they teach parents positions that will assist them during childbirth.

Spending time with your Better-half

Finally, and the most tip of them all is spending time with your husband (or boyfriend).


They are part of this too, and men don’t talk about it, but they are incredibly excited for the birth of their children. So if you are reading a book or came across an interesting fact, share that with him. Communicating is the key to happy and fruitful pregnancy.

So these are my top tips, I will be going through the comment section to read your views regarding all of this. You can post all kinds of questions too.