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Working During Pregnancy – What you need to Know?

Working when you are pregnant has always been a debatable topic and if you live the United States where there are virtually no maternity benefits, then taking the right decision can get tricky sometimes. So today we are going to discuss different aspects regarding pregnancy when you are working.

First, is it fine if you work?

Well, the short answer is yes! There is no harm in working during pregnancy; rather it can prove to be helpful. Studies have shown that if the mother stays active in the first trimester, then it has a positive impact on the health of the baby.

Also, if you have been working before your pregnancy, and you stop working altogether, then it can have a negative on your body as well as your child’s health.

It all boils down to the kind of work you are doing, and if it is not hectic, then there is no reason to stop working.

So what kind of work?

 Well, if you are somewhere where you are not lifting anything or not standing all the time, then it is fine.

Working in industries like IT and Banking are recommended during pregnancy but even if your Job requires you to talk to a lot of people, you can do that, but make sure you are not exerting yourself.


In today’s time, most jobs have a lot of stress. And if you are pregnant you have to keep it at minimal. Now practically, it isn’t possible to completely avoid stress, but my suggestion is to keep it where it doesn’t affect your life after you get home. If you think it is getting out of hand and you are thinking about work all the time, then it is best to take some time off and enjoy your pregnancy.

Doctors and healthcare professionals are quite vocal against stress and studies are clearly pointing out that mental stress can lead to severe damage in children.

Long story short, you can work, but don’t exert yourself and manage stress levels.

If you want to read about specific things, you can check out this article on Mayo Clinic.

Specific Arrangements while working 

Now if you decide to work, here are few tips that can help you do the things mentioned above and also aid you in achieving your professional targets –

  • Talk with your Boss – If you hold a crucial position, it is best to talk with your boss, regarding easing your workload. This helps because your body changes a lot when you are pregnant and you might not be able to do the same amount of work as before, and additional workload will increase stress levels.
  • Think About working from Home – If possible then working from home is a highly recommended during pregnancy. With the comfort of your home, you feel relaxed, and you can work comfortably. So if your company permits you to do so, don’t hesitate.
  • Wear Loose clothes – While you are working you need to keep your body relaxed and an effective way to do that is by wearing baggy clothes. These days’ pregnant women can find a lot of fashionable options that are comfortable and trendy.
  • Don’t sit for Long periods – If your job involves working in front of the computer all day, then it is highly recommended to keep yourself moving. Take a small work after an hour or so and keep stretching while you are working. This keeps the blood flow normal and reduces the chances of any complications.

So now you know everything about working during pregnancy, but if there is a specific doubt, feel free to comment below, and I will answer that.

7 Pregnancy Tips for a Healthy Child

 Pregnancy is indeed a special feeling and perhaps the most beautiful moment in a women’s life. But there are some tips that every mother should read about. In this post, we are going to discuss some of these. So lets’ move into that.

Enroll for a Childbirth Course

If I could share a simple strategy that can be followed by anyone will be getting yourself enrolled in a childbirth course. You can find these in almost all the major cities, and with the increase in their popularity, the kind of information you can get at such places is truly incredible.

If you get in early, they will guide you through every process including diet, exercise, and things you need to care about during labor.

You can read a lot of content online about pregnancy and even buy few books, but nothing beats the depth of information you will get at a childcare center.


If you are however busy and childbirth course isn’t a viable option, then you must read about diet. And don’t even think of going for a fad diet during pregnancy, instead stay focused on a balanced diet. Eating vegetables and fruits every day is a must. Don’t stress upon which fruit or vegetable you should avoid rather make sure that your plate is colorful.

Secondly, eating fish during pregnancy is great for the brain development of the child. Apart from that make sure you drink a lot of water as dehydration can have terrible consequences.

Don’t even think of drinking

Now I understand that wine and vodka are freaking awesome, but if you are pregnant, you need to let that all go. Any substance including cigarettes, alcohol or even crystal meth should be avoided at all costs. You also need to filter out medications and if you are suffering from any disease then consult with your doctor regularly.

Go for a walk now and then!

 Walking is perhaps a beautiful exercise on its own, but it is a whole lot beneficial when you are pregnant. Now if you are working, it ‘s hard to stay active and going to gym isn’t an option. So walking is a natural choice. I suggested going to park or somewhere where there is a lot of plants. This not only relives stress but keeps you and the baby super healthy. And studies have shown that regular walking reduces labor pain to some extent and increases the chances of having a normal birth.

But get some rest too

Staying active is important but taking proper rest is important too. There is no guideline you need to follow regarding sleep, and I guess you need to understand your body for rest. Some mothers take naps in the afternoon while some mothers prefer sleeping for 8-10 hours at night. It all depends on your body.

Practice and plan for childbirth

A lot of parents don’t plan their childbirth and whenever the time comes everyone starts panicking. So it is best to plan for your childbirth. First finalize where you want to have it, the hospital, at home or a birthing center. Spend time looking for the health care professional that will be present during the childbirth.

Lamaze classes, even offer some courses where they teach parents positions that will assist them during childbirth.

Spending time with your Better-half

Finally, and the most tip of them all is spending time with your husband (or boyfriend).


They are part of this too, and men don’t talk about it, but they are incredibly excited for the birth of their children. So if you are reading a book or came across an interesting fact, share that with him. Communicating is the key to happy and fruitful pregnancy.

So these are my top tips, I will be going through the comment section to read your views regarding all of this. You can post all kinds of questions too.

How an Astrologer in India Transformed my life?

So last time around I gave you a brief prelude to my life, and as promised I will share everything about that astrologer who helped me turn around my life.

Firstly, he read my birth chart and had a detailed discussion about my life. He then asked for a week’s time stating that he would have to do a detailed study regarding my planetary positions.

After a week he called me and showed me another perspective of life. He asked that nothing would change if you stay in a negative mindset, and if you want to change in your life, you have to be positive again. He then suggested few remedies that I had to perform.

He was completely honest and told that such remedies are prescribed by an ancient Indian book, known as Lal-Kitab, and since they are easy to perform they are recommended in today’s time.

After performing them as prescribed, he asked me to wait for around two months. I felt a lot positive, and after months I was genuinely smiling. He then asked me that it was time to take some action regarding the birth of my child. He talked with my husband and suggested that both of us should perform these Lal Kitab Remedies.

After completion of these remedies, he asked both of us to try to conceive. Within two months, we got the good news. He strictly suggested that we take all the necessary care and at the same time prescribed some remedies. One of those was to host a community meal for the needy. We felt really good after doing that.

And then in the month of November, I was blessed with twins (2 super cute girls). Every time, I remember that I run out of words to describe the feeling. After going through the heartbreak of 3 miscarriages, I felt truly blessed. We named them Espen and Azam.

Here is Azam

Here is Azam

My husband who was always apprehensive about astrology, personally visited our astrologer in India, to express his gratitude.

Following that, we performed many remedies to get our career on track. After consulting with him, my husband decided to run his own business. Currently, he is working very hard on it, and the future looks prosperous.

I am also doing great in my career and currently hold a significant administrative position in a company. My kids are perfectly healthy, and the smiles on their faces are the most fulfilling thing you could ask for.

To be honest, me and my husband, made a lot of effort on our too. We have worked incredibly hard to move on from the tragedy that we went through. The remedies help to reduce the negative energy in your life and bring in positivity. It is done by altering the influence of negative planets in your life.

These things sound superficial, but once you experience them, you realize their power. This doesn’t mean that you don’t have to take any effort on your own. To achieve you have to put 90% effort, the remaining 10% is in the hands of God or destiny. Astrology (remedies) can aid you in this regard.

Anyway, I am still in touch with our Astrologer (Mukesh Gupta) and consult him from time to time.

In the next article, I will share the precautions you need to take when you are pregnant. Hope you enjoy my content.

Inspiration for this Website

Hi Everyone,

This is Nicholas. In this post, I am going to mention few things about my past. I got married at the age of 27 years, to my boyfriend, with whom I was in a relationship with my college. Our wedding was perfect and went exactly like I had planned.

Don’t get me wrong we had to go through a lot of stress and planning, by my sister who luckily is an event planner, helped me through every minute detail. After my marriage, my life seemed perfect. I had married the love of my life; our wedding was perfect, and we both were doing well in our respective careers.

After about two years, few decided that it is time for both of us to try for a baby. And we succeeded with that pretty soon, and I got pregnant. For the first two months, everything seemed fine, and we both started to prepare for our first baby.

However, in the third month of my pregnancy, when we visited the doctor, she informed us about a complication that I had developed. It was a rare complication; that can sometimes lead to miscarriage. Obviously, both of us got worried. Unfortunately, our nightmare turned into a reality, and I had to go through a miscarriage. 

We had this coming, as, after each visit, we were informed that we should be prepared for the loss. But still, we both were very hurt. Our family supported us through this, but to get our minds off this; we decided to take a vacation. We both went to South East Asia, but the majority of our thoughts were occupied in the loss we just had suffered from. But before returning to our home, we decided that we should not give up, and we should try again. But this time, we made sure we take all the precautions. We were advised to go through several tests, and reports for almost every single one of the was positive. Our doctors said we had nothing to worry about, and we should go ahead. So once again we started trying and soon enough I was pregnant.

This time around, I read every book I could find, followed a healthy diet and maintained utmost care. But destiny wasn’t ready to bless us with a child and in the last month of my second trimester, the doctor dropped a bombshell.

According to the doctor, the fetus wasn’t developing the way should. There were no limbs. After extensive tests, the doctor said that there is 90% chance that the baby will be born with permanent brain damage. And we both were heartbroken. Frankly, words cannot describe what I was going through. It was a terrible feeling and more so because it was happening with us for the second time.

After a heavy heart, we decided to go for an abortion. Since we were in the second trimester, a much-complicated surgery had to be done. Thankfully, the surgery was successful, and I didn’t have any major complications either.

The following two months were the most difficult months of my life. I didn’t feel like working, and my career was also going downhill. After discussing with my husband, we decided to focus on work, and take bigger projects so that we can get our mind off this. Initially, it was tough for both of us to concentrate on our job but we humans are gifted with this incredible ability to move on, even after suffering from unbelievable amounts of mental and physical pain.

Few months down the line, I started vomiting. Initially, I thought it was the flu but I decided to the ‘Pee Pregnancy Test.’ I couldn’t believe my eyes, as it was positive. I immediately went to the doctor (without my husband), and he confirmed my pregnancy. I called him to the tell the news.

To be honest, the feeling was more of a shock than happiness. I think me and my husband shared a special night on our anniversary and we were super drunk, so we hadn’t expected this to happen.

Anyway, after going through two failures, we didn’t know how to act. So we decided not to overthink and continued with our day to day life and took the necessary care and precautions. It was going through well, but I guess happiness wasn’t ready to grace our lives.

I think it was the fourth month and my husband picked me up after work. A mile before we reached our home, a car jammed into our car and we had a terrible accident. Two drunk teenagers were driving at over 90 miles/hour. When I woke up in the hospital, I was told about everything and our doctor told that, unfortunately; they couldn’t save the baby. You can imagine the pain and trauma that I experienced when these words came out of doctor’s mouth. And ladies and gentleman, after I was discharged from the hospital, I went into the worst phase of my life.

I went into severe depression, I wouldn’t go anywhere and didn’t feel like eating anything. I lost 25 pounds and was also suffering from severe vitamin deficiency. My husband left no stone unturned to cheer me up, but nothing was able to pierce the shell that I had built for myself. My husband didn’t show any pain on his face, but I know he was also completely broken from the inside.

One of the videos that really helped me at that time is linked below, and if you are suffering from any form of depression I suggest you to watch it too.

Anyway, something happened after a few months, while I was in the grocery store (I went there after a long, long time). There I met my school friend Anita, who was actually from India. I told her my plight, and she was shocked and tried to console me. We talked for about 30-40 minutes and exchanged contacts. When I was about to sleep, I got a call from her. She told me about an Astrologer, back in India, who has helped Anita a lot. She asked me If I want to consult him. I was reluctant at first but later decided to go ahead with that.

When I told him, my birth details, I was shocked at the details he told me about my life. Most of them were accurate, and I was little taken aback. He then said that your life could be turned around, but you have to take some corrective action. (I will talk about that in the next post).

Long story short, after consulting with him, I was pregnant for the fourth time and this time I was blessed with twins. It was easily the happiest moment of my life, and It took me some time to soak in all the happiness. Gradually, my career was back on track, and we started raising our family.

A few months back, I decided to start this blog as I wanted to share my journey. Through this website, I will share everything about raising your child and from what I have learned, that no matter what happens in your life, things will change and mostly for the better. I hope you enjoy the content on my website.


PS – After writing this article, I feel so light. All the things that happened in my life were flashing in front of my eyes. And now when I look back, I am happy for all the bad memories that I experienced because of which I feel so thankful for things that are currently happening in my life.