How an Astrologer in India Transformed my life?

So last time around I gave you a brief prelude to my life, and as promised I will share everything about that astrologer who helped me turn around my life.

Firstly, he read my birth chart and had a detailed discussion about my life. He then asked for a week’s time stating that he would have to do a detailed study regarding my planetary positions.

After a week he called me and showed me another perspective of life. He asked that nothing would change if you stay in a negative mindset, and if you want to change in your life, you have to be positive again. He then suggested few remedies that I had to perform.

He was completely honest and told that such remedies are prescribed by an ancient Indian book, known as Lal-Kitab, and since they are easy to perform they are recommended in today’s time.

After performing them as prescribed, he asked me to wait for around two months. I felt a lot positive, and after months I was genuinely smiling. He then asked me that it was time to take some action regarding the birth of my child. He talked with my husband and suggested that both of us should perform these Lal Kitab Remedies.

After completion of these remedies, he asked both of us to try to conceive. Within two months, we got the good news. He strictly suggested that we take all the necessary care and at the same time prescribed some remedies. One of those was to host a community meal for the needy. We felt really good after doing that.

And then in the month of November, I was blessed with twins (2 super cute girls). Every time, I remember that I run out of words to describe the feeling. After going through the heartbreak of 3 miscarriages, I felt truly blessed. We named them Espen and Azam.

Here is Azam

Here is Azam

My husband who was always apprehensive about astrology, personally visited our astrologer in India, to express his gratitude.

Following that, we performed many remedies to get our career on track. After consulting with him, my husband decided to run his own business. Currently, he is working very hard on it, and the future looks prosperous.

I am also doing great in my career and currently hold a significant administrative position in a company. My kids are perfectly healthy, and the smiles on their faces are the most fulfilling thing you could ask for.

To be honest, me and my husband, made a lot of effort on our too. We have worked incredibly hard to move on from the tragedy that we went through. The remedies help to reduce the negative energy in your life and bring in positivity. It is done by altering the influence of negative planets in your life.

These things sound superficial, but once you experience them, you realize their power. This doesn’t mean that you don’t have to take any effort on your own. To achieve you have to put 90% effort, the remaining 10% is in the hands of God or destiny. Astrology (remedies) can aid you in this regard.

Anyway, I am still in touch with our Astrologer (Mukesh Gupta) and consult him from time to time.

In the next article, I will share the precautions you need to take when you are pregnant. Hope you enjoy my content.