AFC Cup Final 2019 425 SC (PRK) 0-1 AL AHED (LIB)

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41 thoughts on “AFC Cup Final 2019 425 SC (PRK) 0-1 AL AHED (LIB)

  1. If they play this on Sunday its much more meaningfull….al ahed won the tournament on Ahad(sunday)

    Good luck in labor camp to the koreans…

  2. wait how come you can't upload the whole game? who had the access to watch it anywhere besids some places in asia?

  3. Kepada presiden afc yang terhormat,tolong format afc cup dikembalikan seperti format yang lama'karena format yang baru ini sangat merugikan tim dari dari asean.tim asean terlalu banyak pertandingan.lagi-lagi tim dari timur tengah yang juara'karena mereka sedikit pertandingan.

  4. 4.25 กลับบ้านไปคงโดนท่านคิมไล่ไปใช้แรงงานแน่ๆ

  5. บอลอบตบ้านกูยังดูดีกว่าอีก

  6. Abahani, a club from Dhaka,Bangladesh lost against 425 SC in the second leg match while abahani beat them in the first leg. In Bangladesh football ,specially club football isn't that much developed so I thought winning against a low level club in the second leg while beaten in first leg for sure 425 SC isn't that much strong team.But,they made it to the final of AFC Cup. CONGRATULATION to both of the teams.😃😃😃😃

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