Assam NRC: People queue to check they are on list – BBC News

People have been queuing across the Indian state of Assam to check if their name is on the National Register of Citizens.

India has published the final version of a list which effectively strips about 1.9 million people in the north-eastern state of their citizenship.

Families have been required to provide documentation to show their lineage, with those who cannot prove their citizenship deemed illegal foreigners.

India says the process is needed to identify illegal Bangladeshi migrants.

The BBC’s South Asia correspondent Rajini Vaidyanathan has been to the village of Katajhar to meet some of the people who say they are at risk.

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21 thoughts on “Assam NRC: People queue to check they are on list – BBC News

  1. BBC are u blind can u not see the Bangladeshi having families of 6 or even 8 living in 2 bedroom flats in London. No one wants them not even Bangladesh..


    Please fill it's a small survey on NRC in Assam


    Please fill it's a small survey on NRC in Assam

  4. केवल गरीब जनता को परेशान करने वाला कानून हैं। NRC और NPR.
    मोदी बिना दिखाएं जन्म से नागरिक हो गया और हमलोग कागज रहते हुए भी विदेशी हो गए

  5. nrc of ham logoko mosibat ma nahi dal🚨 sakta peliss🚨 noradomodi 💐sar💐 nrc off 🚨all india🚨 emergency services📥 jay 🌷shree ram🌷 jay🌷 🌷hanoman👍

  6. the exercise of NRC in Assam has been completed.the govt. must immediately finalise further action in the matter before implementing CAA and NPR.why S.C. gave Govt. 1 month time to sound their their view on hundreds of applications on CAA being anti constitutional.Is S.C. incapable of deciding itself?

  7. Assam historically has never been the part of Indian , they controlled their area have their own recognition so definitely need their own country

  8. বাংলাদেশের মানুষ পাগল যে কিনা ভারতে যাবে ভালো উন্নত জিবন যাপনের জন্য। মনেহয় ভারতের চাইতে ইংল্যান্ড বা আমেরিকায় এতো উন্নত জিবন ব্যবস্থা নেই.🤔 চুদ*******ভারত কে?

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