Biggest-Ever Premier League Away Win | Southampton 0 Leicester City 9

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30 thoughts on “Biggest-Ever Premier League Away Win | Southampton 0 Leicester City 9

  1. Bertrand's red card reminds me how lo celso escaped a clear red card for a quite similar challenge vs azp. Shameful VAR.

  2. The closest I’ve come to being at a match like this was Derby losing 1-7 at home to Liverpool. By about 5, l remember the whole Derby terrace just sitting down and took the piss out of ourselves. We were absolutely shocking. But looking back, it was funny.

  3. The goals were good.. BUT the defence was bullshit also the Keeper was shit.. I can't believe the late reaction time of keeper he dives at 8th goal when the ball is about to cross the goal line…

  4. Well gone that game.Rogers the rats one season wonders.Great win to by Southampton.Glad to see shit bags get beat today.Weldone Danny Ings.Get one over on never loyal Rogers the rat. Cheers Danny Ings YNWA. What a win against those shite

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