Borussia Dortmund CEO's comments are A DISGRACE – Julien Laurens | Bundesliga

Gab Marcotti and Julien Laurens of the Gab & Juls podcast react to Hans-Joachim Watzke’s comments about big clubs refraining from helping smaller ones …


45 thoughts on “Borussia Dortmund CEO's comments are A DISGRACE – Julien Laurens | Bundesliga

  1. yeah, give the clubs money and rise in cash to football players so they can assist doctors and nurses in this hard times. coronavirus just shows how non essential is football in ppls lives.

  2. I am a BVB supporter and I personally feel bayern and bvb can support club like loans type with 0 interest or very low interest….it will help clubs sustain themselves and no money will be lost for the big clubs

  3. Disagree with Julien.. why should some clubs give money to other clubs?? For me it makes no sence.. Yeah Bayern Munich helped Dortmund at some point when they were financially bad but still i dont see anything wrong if a club doesnt financially help another cub.. yeah i get the point of dortmund ceo being ungrateful.. but still each club are where they are financially bc of them and the players and moves done around the club..

  4. Time for mega rich Premier League clubs to dip into their fat pockets and help the many other clubs less fortunate in the lower English leagues. Wouldn't it be great to see solidarity like that? Some clubs may fold without help. Do the right thing LFC, MUFC,MCFC etc.

  5. 1- create a fund or a loan like system for all clubs.
    2- End FFP and allow big investments.
    3- Maybe create a European football reserve to fund and give loans to all the clubs.
    4- Maybe establish a direct line between clubs and banks.

  6. I thought Germany have this rule where the fans is the one who rule the club then the money actually is the fans money but not the owner? is it the Germany fans the one who own the club is actually a myth that Germans Just spew out to feel special bout them selves???

  7. I don't get this. Why should Dortmund give away their money? They're not a charity organisation. Isn't it like telling Apple to give Nokia and Motorola some money cause they ain't doing so well and Apple is rich? Or telling Amazon to give their competing websites some cash to keep them afloat? Football clubs are businesses at the end of the day…

  8. Dortmund could become so much more without Watzke. Imagine if they kept Klopp and didn't sell all his best players and empowered him to get more player he wanted.

  9. Watzke is painting a really terrible picture of Dortmund right now, it's sad because I'm sure nobody else at the club would agree with him. he's ruining the club's reputation and it's hurting us fans more than anyone else

  10. Dortmund is 100% correct! If I save money for a rainy day for my family and myself, living a frugal life and sacrificing and my neighbors drink and party ever night and not save for themselves and their families! Should I take away food from my home to feed you?

    I think not!

  11. I am fan of Dortmund and I think our CEO is stupid. We wouldn’t be here without the money we got a while ago and I think what he said is wrong. Our club is amazing but Watzke let us down

  12. All the people crying in the comments are brilliant 😂😂😂 saying watzke has short term memory when he’s the one that took them from bankruptcy to a champions league final in 8 years….

  13. You're running the club on a market basis/it's all about money…but you talked much s!*@ about PSG because they bring more money to the table…hypocrisy. Someone is always a bigger club than some clubs…Dortmund is bigger than smaller German clubs, PSG is bigger than Dortmund…quit the broken, failed hatefulness.

  14. Dortmund was and will forever be a small club, they are an embarrassment of German football, Watzke couldn't learn a penny of class from KHR.

  15. I’ve been complaining about Watzke and Zorc for a while. Dortmund was bankrupt in 2002. They were days from going out of business until Bayern gave them a €2 million loan under very favorable terms.

  16. CEO speaking like a true Republicans. When they need assistance, they claim that they are essential for the economy so they need assistance. When other need assistance, they would drag out this boiler plate statement "we believe in self-sufficiency, so you don't deserve help". Standard conservatives logic is this "I deserve bailouts, you don't". When I need help, the government must give it to me. When you need help, you're "stealing" from tax payers.

  17. I hate Dortmond but he's right about this. Let the small clubs who were irresponsible fail. The other small clubs that were will survive and take their place.

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