CV/Resume template Design tutorial with Microsoft Word free PSD+DOC+PDF


Hi guys, in this tutorial i will show you how to design a cv/resume template Microsoft Word
we will use simple tricks and techniques to learn Microsoft Word basics.
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bebas neue font download link :
open sans font download link :
Psd download link:
Word version link :
PDF version Link :
CV/Resume with photoshop :

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32 thoughts on “CV/Resume template Design tutorial with Microsoft Word free PSD+DOC+PDF

  1. Great video. Thank you. If you guys need more guidance on a resume for jobs in consulting, banking, start-ups, other corporate roles, you may also find the following video very helpful (Harvard resume format)

  2. So many bugs with this template. When I add a page, it puts the template on the 2nd page. When I open the template, objects are missing until I click on them.

  3. All of this work is pointless because the majority of companies are now using ATS (Applicant Tracking Systems) scan resumes!!! These systems don't care about art work, nor do they pick up text boxes.

  4. Thanks a lot man, I found this video at the right time when I was searching for how to make the sliding graph in skill set. 
    It was immensely helpful. I just learned from here and worked on some other template.

  5. Absolutely Amazing !!! – Can you see if you can record a tutorial for this template –

  6. you are so sweet i could just kiss you,,, it took me about 12 hours to prepare the cv ,, i don't like to stay in one place more than 30 minutes. but i did it … now if i get a job i want to send you a gift … please share you post office address.

    احب تونس ……بن علي هرب

  7. i liked this video so clicked on it. but because it is showing so many ads just when i am doing an over view of the video, i have decided leave this video.

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