EURO 2020 Final Tournament Draw

Relive the full UEFA EURO 2020 Final Tournament draw from Bucharest. — Facebook: …


34 thoughts on “EURO 2020 Final Tournament Draw

  1. The 2010s was the decase of teams losing at home

    2012 Bayern Lost to chelsea at home

    2014 Brazil lost to germany at home

    2016 France Lost to Portugal at home


  2. My prediction for group F (Iceland to join)

    Germany 0-1 France
    Portugal 2-1 Iceland

    Iceland 1-2 France
    Germany 2-2 Portugal

    France 1-0 Portugal
    Germany 4-0 Iceland

    1. France 9pts gd: 3
    2. Germany 4pts gd: 3
    3. Portugal 4pts gd:0
    4. Iceland0pts gd:-6

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