EXO-K 엑소케이 'MAMA' MV (Korean ver.)

The world of new boy band EXO-K and EXO-M presented by S.M.Entertainment is opened! The first mini album title song ‘MAMA’ of EXO-K and EXO-M has been released.
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EXO Official

EXO-K 엑소케이 ‘MAMA’ MV (Korean ver.) ℗ S.M.Entertainment

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41 thoughts on “EXO-K 엑소케이 'MAMA' MV (Korean ver.)

  1. FIGHTING EXOL !! let's wait for them together !! EXO FOREVER !! I love all 9 EXO members, Although sometimes I miss 3 EXO ex 😭🖤

  2. Lol, I can't believe I can still remember the lyrics even though this is the first song of them I have memorized.

  3. MAY 2020 anyone?

    Stilllll one of the bestttt debut! ❤️
    Wishing for their comeback as "OT12" ❤️

  4. 🚨‼️A MUST READ‼️🚨
    [EXO FACT plus THEORY]
    Lee Soo Man the founder of SM Entertainment didn't created EXO's unique and mindblowing concepts for y'all to INSULT and COPY (especially their super powers, since they are the ONLY Group that have the “super powers concept, not until….. hmm😶) . There's a rumor that LSM got the idea of creating EXO since 1976 after seeing 12 UFO’s. A similar EXO sign in SHINee's video in 2008 spotted and that EXO YouTube channel created in 2006.
    "EXO was actually a long-term project of SM Ent since 2006, even older than other older groups. The name EXO was planned before the older groups…"
    April 08, 2012 it was EXO OFFICIAL DEBUT DATE!

    But little did we know that there was a HIDDEN information and theory behind it that will surely shocked us.

    April 08, 2012 is not just an ordinary date.

    💎April was the 4th month of the year. 04 represents the Chinese Liners.
    🇹🇷Luhan, Kris, Lay and Tao.

    💎08 it was the total number of the Korean Liners
    🇰🇷Xiumin, Suho, Baekhyun, Chen, Chanyeol Kyunsoo, Kai, and Sehun.

    💎12 was the sum of 8 and 4 which represents all EXO Members
    Now, the Chinese Liners are very active and very popular and in demand in China. Remember the Narration Introduction part of MAMA MV. Let read it, it was capitalized.

    “When the skies and the grounds were one of legends, through their divine/twelve forces, nurtured the tree of life. An eye of red force created the evil which covered the heart of the tree of life and the heart slowly grew dry. To attempt to keep alive the heart of the tree of life the legends hereby divided the tree in half and hid each side, hence times is overturned and space turns obscure. “THE DIVINE/TWELVE FORCES DIVIDED INTO TWO” and created two suns that look alike into two worlds that seem alike. The legends traveled apart. The legends shall now see the same sky but must stand on different grounds. They shall stand on the same ground but shall see different skies. The day the grounds be kept a single file before one sky in two words that seem alike, the legends will meet greet each other. The day the red forces purify and the twelve forces will reunite into one perfect root… a new world shall open up.

    The twelve force divided into TWO. It's not really the EXO-M and EXO-K which is divided into two by six. It seems that China and Korea are the “CREATED TWO SUNS THAT LOOK ALIKE INTO TWO WORLDS THAT SEEMS ALIKE” and it was also mentioned in the narration.

    Some of the activities of Chinese Liners are almost connected to the 8 Korean Liners

    April 8, 2012 – EXO debuted as 12
    April 8, 2024 – EXOs 12th anniversary. EXO’s end of military service. NASA reported on the said date (APRIL 8, 2024) the appearance of the next eclipse and 12 constellations.

    April 08, 2012 is not just a date. There was a story behind it. The story of a 12 men who came into our life like a lighting and stole our heart. But the most important thing and un answred question is WHEN will OT12 reunite again into one perfect time..It feels like there was really a high possibility that OT12 will reunite again. Just like how 2NE1 reunites. It shows how genius SM Ent was even they though they do sh*tty things.

    Credit: Swwena Pcy

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