Fans Think The Simpsons Predicted Tom Hanks Getting Coronavirus

As the coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to spread across the globe, countries around the world are taking extreme precautionary measures to avoid further …


28 thoughts on “Fans Think The Simpsons Predicted Tom Hanks Getting Coronavirus

  1. Writers just guess what's going to happen…Yeah Right…we aren't all sheeple Nicki…read your comments…first time Thumbs down.

  2. They are not trying to prevent further infections. They are controlling further infections. You can't stop the spread, only slow it so that hospitals can cope.
    Btw: Tom Hanks has made a few movies since 1994!

  3. Please see here for another growing problem, social media harassment, goup harassment and gang stalking. Innocent people being tormented.

  4. Because it is predictive programming..for some reason "they" get off on it…misinformatoon disinformation aplenty..remember Earth is the the Devil's playground..but it's GOD'S Universe…😉🤔

  5. It’s not a prediction from anybody. It is a plan of the illuminati. China needs to stop blaming on America but they need to start learning about who are the secret societies, what their goals are and what they’re trying to do to the world’s population. They played “God” all the times because they think they’re God and rich and they can control anything. It’s so dumb all countries in this world still didn’t figure out who are the secret societies/illuminati and if all the countries in this world investigate and find out the truth about them and who is behind all the major catastrophes and genocide and Plagues, they cannot run anywhere except to Mars because they would be trapped in jail and wait for execution in the most painful manner infront of everyone in this world and once they are gone, this world would have peace, no war, no poverty but richness for all (not just them sucking everyone’s blood for themselves), increase in societies’ morality, and harmony! Do research and you’ll know what I’m talking about. Also look up Jesse Ventura’s investigations.

  6. Predicting the future my ass,it’s easy to “predict the future”when they work with the government to achieve that future or should I say the government predicts their future so they can add it so the cartoons 😂nwo low lives

  7. It WAS Forest Gump not Forrest. Was Life IS like a box of chocolates now WAS so many. Isnt Chet a satanic little chip off daddy's PED0 shoulder?

  8. Keep watching television and allowing your collective minds to be programmed. This is our fault for observing and paying attention

  9. He's out of hospital boys and girls,and recovered,Rita under observation for a little longer as a precaution

  10. It's called Predictive Programming. And the Elites use it to tell us Peons what they're planning for us. Research it for yourselves. It's 100% real.

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