Gujrat 2002 Program.,a Doccument!

Babu Bajrangi who is behind the bar in life sentence for involved in brutal crime of Gujarat 2002 riots.

“After Killing them I felt myself like Maharana Pratap”Babu Bajrangi says in this video clip which was recorded secretly in a sting operation by Journalist Ashish Ketan for Tehalka Magazine.

Bajrangi has confessed the crimes which was done by him togather with his associates and revealed many undisclosed truth.

Now Bajrangi’s two eyes are might be a punishment of Almighty.
And those who were behind the massacre of innocent people in the riots might have released from the clutches of the law but they can not escape from the punishment of the lord..

*video clip credit: Kaneez Fathima,Rights Activists, CLMC


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