How to run the Hiren's BootCD 15.2 from a USB Flash Drive

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This video will show you how to run the ‘Hiren’s BootCD 15.2’ from a USB flash drive.

The download for the .zip file is:

My other video on ‘How to create and use the Hiren’s BootCD 15.2’ can be found here:

My other video on ‘How to remove a Windows Password using the Hiren’s BootCD 15.2’ can be found here:

More information and a complete list of all the utilities on the ‘Hiren’s BootCD 15.2’ can be found on this website:

The first download link used in this video for ‘USB Disk Storage Format’ is:

[For some reason, this link doesn’t appear to work in Internet Explorer. However, is does work in any other web browser]

The second download link used in this video for ‘grub4dos’ is:

The third download link used in this video for ‘grub4dos installer 1.1’ is:

The ‘Hiren’s BootCD 15.1 is functional with windows NT/2000/XP/Vista/7 and linux (but not Mac).

Only use this troubleshooting guide if your USB Flash drive can not be booted by entering the boot menu on your computer by pressing the allocated key (which is clearly listed on the bottom of your screen when you turn on most computers). The most common keys for boot menu are ‘F8’ and ‘F12’.

Troubleshooting: set your computer to boot from USB Flash Drive.

To Enter the BIOS press the ‘Del’ button on your keyboard or, depending on the type of bios, one of these alternatives: ‘F1’, ‘F2’, ‘F8’, ‘F10’ ‘F12’, ‘insert’ or ‘tab’. Commonly, a PC will show a message like ‘Press Del to enter Setup’ to indicate that you need to press the ‘Del’ key. Some AMI BIOS require you to enable the option ‘USB Keyboard Legacy support’.

For AMI BIOS (follow steps 1 or 2 depending on your BIOS type):

1. Go to ‘Feature Setup’. ‘Enable’ these options: ‘USB Function Support’, ‘USB Function For DOS’ and ‘ThumbDrive for DOS’. Go to ‘Advanced Setup’. Set the ‘1st Boot Device’ to ‘USB RMD-FDD’. Reboot the PC and it now should automatically boot from the USB flash drive without you having to select it from the boot menu.

2. Go to ‘USB Mass Storage Device Configuration’. Select ‘Emulation Type’ and set it to ‘Harddisk’. Go to the ‘Boot Menu’ and set the ‘1st boot device’ to ‘USB-Stick’. Exit the BIOS and save the changes.

For PHOENIX/AWARD BIOS (my laptop’s BIOS):
Go to ‘Advanced BIOS Features’. Go to the ‘1st Boot device’ and set it to ‘USB-ZIP’. The key is ‘F2’ on my particular laptop.

If you have a question about this video, after reading all of this description, please leave a comment and I will try and get back to you.

If you would like to request a computer related tutorial for me to make and upload, please leave a comment on my channel and I will see what I can do.

In the unlikely event that anything goes wrong with your computer when following the steps in my video, then it is in no way my fault and I am not responsible. I am, however, prepared to help you as best I can. If you do have a problem, feel free to get in touch.

All the programs and websites featured in this video are not owned or copyrighted by myself and due credit goes to their authors/creators.

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44 thoughts on “How to run the Hiren's BootCD 15.2 from a USB Flash Drive

  1. You no need to download USB formator instead of it you can use Windows formator just cancel quick formate and select file system to fat 32 as it is default

  2. Not Found

    The requested URL /grubutil/ was not found on this server.

  3. This manual won't work with Hiren’s BootCD PE x64 (v1.0.1). Use Rufus utility to "burn" ISO to USB drive
    Bootable USB should be used in UEFI mode.

  4. great video and all but when I go to site Hiren's BootCD From USB Flash Drive (USB Pen Drive) it does not download the file when i press it but instead reloads the same page over and over… anything you can tell me about it?
    second : this link does not work the same is for third link as well…

  5. HBCD Tools will still not load in mini XP when formatting USB via this method. How can HBCD tools be used on mini XP from bootable USB?

  6. You are an excellent instructor. Well spoken, slow enough paced for students, and very thorough. Thank you very much.

  7. Check this alternate & easiest method for creating a Hiren Boot CD on USB Flash drive

  8. problem 
    find –set-rot / pmagic-5.7.iso
    error 15: file Not found
    press any key to continue . . . 
    that's happends every time i try to use any program in the usb
    and when I try if with windows it's work

  9. Are you able to somehow change the text to have a welcome message when it boots up? Also mine is taking a lot longer than 5 mins to format

  10. hey wait a minute! how do i insert my ISO file ? i dont understand your video at all !. isnt iso file required to format computer/notebook ?.
    sum: i have downloaded ISO file , so how can i install it ?
    or can i format my notebook by only just using this ?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

  11. Sir Thank you very much. As you told i did all the things in hiren 15.2 all went fine but when i start to enter the "Dos Program" to take ghost It is saying that "!! File Missing C:HBCDDosGhost.7z !!  Please help me sir what could be the problem.           Advance Thanks to you

  12. worked perefect dude i was able to restore a laptops os loading the mini xp image, exellent video and easy to follow

  13. Great video.  I actually skipped a lot of the steps as i already had a working bootable Hirens USB Drive. I had a USB 500 GB drive partitions split into 2 pieces.  My problem was the 9gb Hirens bootable piece broke and i got Boot Error.  So I did the everything except formatting the partitions in the first part of the video and chose my 9GB partition instead of Whole Disk MBR during the last step.  it fixed my boot problem.  I now again have a working bootable Hirens Boot USB 500GB drive.  Thanks

  14. I see people saying thank you and all that good stuff but I am lost!!! I don't see the same files shown in the video and I downloaded version 15.2 from the link in the description…Something just don't correspond…Another thing, why complicate things with burning CD etc..Why not just explain how to run the CD from USB(already bootable). If you are making a video to help people, the least you can do is make it as simple as possible…

  15.  I have Hirens 15.2 but when I extract I don't have those same files. What I am seeing are; no HBCD folder for a start, there is no autorun and I also see the 'burn to cd' option etc. Baffled. Any thoughts?…

  16. When I boot from the usb all I get is a command line that says "grub:" with a blinking cursor. Is anyone else having this issue?

  17. I hope you see this mate, great clear instructions on all your tutorials.. but on this particular video… I am having problems.. I am trying to use hirens on usb for windows 8.. it boots from my usb.. gets through step 1. but at step 2 …Arghhhhh frustrating !! something like.. debug windows not found.. specify the path.. In your video.. it shows.. windows found as windows and so on… I just can not win!! .. please help 

  18. Hi thanks for your hard work. Could you tell me how long it should take to transfer the hiren boot cd file to the flash drive.

  19. I need some help here. When I try to boot HBCD 15.2 from my bootable USB the grub4dos meny comes up, not the HBCD meny. What have I done wrong? I followed the instructions in the video step by step

  20. Hey im havign an urgent problem ive done all as u said and with ure guide !

    tryed booting the usb w8ing for hirens 2 pop up. instead the Grub boot menu pops up ??

    what am i doing wrong ??? URGENt

  21. Some usb flash drives / sticks just won't boot – They just won't work. Try others .. find one that will.

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