Imperial Palace and Tokyo Tower | Japan travel guide (vlog 2)

Tokyo Tower and the Imperial Palace are arguably the most recognizable landmarks in Tokyo. You have an iconic Tokyo city view from both within the Tokyo Imperial Palace and the top of the Tokyo Tower. Amazing! These attractions are top of the list of what to do in Tokyo for any visitor travelling to Japan. We take a leisure stroll thru the grounds of the palace and discover a little bit of Edo Tokyo history. Then we head up high and grab some awesome Tokyo skyline. And this is just the beginning of the Japan trip!

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P.S.: The guy who occasionally appears in the vlogs is my husband, Gordon. He is Canadian-American and is extremely camera shy, that’s why he’s behind the camera most of the time 😉



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44 thoughts on “Imperial Palace and Tokyo Tower | Japan travel guide (vlog 2)

  1. Whaaaaaaat? You thought there would be no Sunday vlog just because there was another vlog 2 days ago? I'm slowly getting faster 😁 😂 🤣 😃 😄 😅 😆 😉 😊

  2. 私は、英語(English)聞き取りを主な目的としてみてます。

  3. I am enjoying your videos, you two guys are such a lovely couple! FYI, 12:35, if you visit the former Imperial Palce in Kyoto (I have not yet viewed all of your videos), you can notice that there are no walls or moats. It's said that there was no need to protection as no one harm Emperors. On the other hand, Edo castle was built and used for Shoguns, samurai. If you are interested in this more, please check the different rules of Emperor and Shogun(^^), or the reason why the Emperor came to reside, etc.  
    Thank you and come to visit Japan again in the near future !

  4. 皇居で進化の過程をみた!

  5. 櫓は翻訳してタワーとするのは間違いですよ。

  6. 6:34 Some stations also have their own train departure melodies. A YouTube video entitled "In Tokyo, These Trains Jingle All the Way" featured a composer who created the melodies for the Tozai Line.🎹 12:24 A cute controversy😊

  7. Hola Renata voy a Japan en la primavera pero sólo tengo 22 horas para ir a Tokyo vi tu video de como ir en autobús mi pregunta es mi vuelo sale desde Narita a las 10:00 am sabes si los autobuses el servicio a qué hora puedo tomarlos desde Tokyo a Narita , tengo que estar en Narita antes de las 10:00 , si sabes , Gracias Mac

  8. 6:25 良いように説明してくれてるけど本当は良くないんだよなぁ

  9. Renata, i love your videos, next june i will go to Japan, and i found a lot of answers i had, you are a very nice person, thanks for share your tips.

  10. I'm going to japan in april and your video is very helpful with a lot of useful information. Terima kasih 🙂

  11. Thank you for coming to Tokyo!
    6:21 Actually, these bikes were locked with a small key locking rear wheel.
    These locks are common and you could see that everywhere in Japan.

  12. By the way, Tokyo Tower is made of World War II tanks.

  13. I went there but didnt go inside the imperial park. I didn't actually know where was the entrance but since the palace since there its ok. But I went to skytree since its longer but I saw Tokyo tower from far. From saitama to Nagasaki and oita

  14. The Tokyo Tower holds special events year round based on events happening in Japan or anime content.

  15. I watched this video in the first time. I could study English on this video. Because it is easy to understand that I know the background of topics as a Japanese. I am looking forward to watch this video.

  16. I got Kokyo free tour ticket on that day.
    Registration one month before is not always necessary.

  17. 日本での旅、お疲れさまでした。




    Thank you for traveling in Japan.
    You seem to have an IPHONE, so next time you come to Japan.
    If the model is iphone8 or later, you can use the function of Suica even if it is not iphone released in Japan.
    I think it will be more convenient.

  18. The Imperial Palace is one of the most important places for Japanese people. In Tokyo surrounded by buildings, the Imperial Palace, which is integrated with forests, looks beautiful. If you are impressed by the Imperial Palace, you are a great Japanese.

  19. 田舎で引きこもりのわいは東京は修学旅行で立ち入っただけ。楽しい動画ありがとう。

  20. とても素敵な東京紹介ビデオブログで大変楽しませて頂きました。ありがとうございます。

  21. I returned from Japan at beginning of October. What a wonderful place with truly wonderful people. Ventured up Tokyo Tower as well, although top deck was closed on day we were due to high winds. Still a fantastic experience though. Tokyo, Kyoto, Hiroshima & Osaka. Will definitely be back. Arigato!

  22. I love love 💕 your videos so much because you are always smiling and staying positive toward everything!!

  23. 東京タワーよりも東京スカイツリーのほうが東京の都心部全体を見渡せます。
    The Tokyo Sky Tree overlooks the entire Tokyo inner city rather than the Tokyo Tower.

  24. Hi Renata! I just watched a few of your Japan Vlogs, including this one, and I really like how you compose your videos. I just started vloging my last Japan trip in April, and you are inspiring me for my next trip there! If you have time to check out my videos, any comments or tips would be appreciated! Thank you for sharing!

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