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38 thoughts on “ITZY "WANNABE" M/V

  1. Y'all keep calling Lia a so-called "Lazy Dancer," albeit all you can do is just type the sht out of something that is trifle, besides Lia can improve overtime.

    All I can say to Lia is, "Hang in there!"

    Lia does not seem to give a f because she won't be reading all your hate comments that is because she is more talented than you, rather than lying on your chair and type something what comes from your mind.

    And also for knets, it is also distateful for calling Chaeryeong ugly but for the international fans, she is absolutely beautiful. I do not know the reason behind those, but it seems that it was not enough for you knets to satisfy. At least she is the best dancer of the group rather than you talking the sht out of her when you do not even have the talent to dance and sing and to call her ugly but I presume that you are uglier and "TALENTLESS" than her.

    Lastly, Yeji deserves what she had been offered. But y'all just making a pretext about her and for her expertise.

    Y'all can hate ITZY for whatever the degree is, but they really don't give a damn about what you express, because they wanted to be "THEMSELVES!"

  2. 대단해요! 유투브의 이상한 장난질에서도 한글댓을 찾으시다니! 좋아요는 사양합니다~ 위로 올라가면 찾기 쉬워지니까!

  3. I’m not even an itzy fan (sorry idk what the fanbase name is) but I will admit that I think these girls are one of the best girl groups when it comes to dancing so far for this generation or maybe in general

  4. Dalla-dalla=Im different
    ICY=They keep talking,i keep walking
    Wannabe=Dont wanna be somebody, just wanna be me

    Their song has a very meaningful motivation.They are MIDZY's inspiration♡♡

  5. I’m being honest that it’s been 1 long week and I still don’t know how RYUJIN moves that shoulders..😂

  6. I showed this to my 10 year old cousin and SHE LOVES IT. Which is a surprise cuz she's not a massive fan of K-pop

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