Kanjuro Is PROBABLY The MVP – One Piece Chapter 974 Analysis

One Piece Chapter 974 was amazing in every way but let’s dissect just what made this chapter great. Kanjuro for MVP.

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25 thoughts on “Kanjuro Is PROBABLY The MVP – One Piece Chapter 974 Analysis

  1. Luffy needs to have a powerful speech when he faces off against kaido. Something where he hypes the whole country up and all the people are yelling for his victory.

  2. I'm wondering when we're gonna see the fifth admiral that is green bull..we only got a teaser of him nothing more for now..

  3. Usopp is going to one shot someone and make them look like fodder with his kagebunshin no jutsu busorenkin hassiratsu pikachu bolt beetle

  4. Kanjuro saying that he never hated the scabbards is something that stuck with me. I really think that Kanjuro will have more importance to the story. The fact is that the people of wano punished the entire kurozumi line for the crimes of one and that was a true injustice. Their actions had consequences and orochi was that consequence. I think after Kaido is defeated and orochi overthrown, wano will collectively beg forgiveness of Kanjuro for their cruelty and he will be forgiven by the scabbards andcontinue to live among them. The wound would finally be allowed to heal and the borders of a new wano can be opened with no malice left lingering

  5. So when u said that momonuske destiny is to carry wano on his shoulder ..and wano can command to zunisha which have a country of minks on his shoulder which seems to be commanded as punishment to walk the sea since thousand years … And seems kozuki and minks have deep connection and oden said when time comes right you have to ask minks help ..so I guess after kaido wars like never before happen in wano ..wano gets destroyed and in literal way all of wano people will come on zunisha back which will be commanded by momonuske which is his destiny to have wano on his shoulder…! And that means literally doors of wano have been opened ..meaning zunisha will come to wano destroying wano in case and also be assist in defeating kaido …seems the greater war in comparison to Marineford now .. doesn't it..?

  6. 2:11 dude I had exactly the SAME thoughts, and this is why I found it interesting that Kaido is asking about that power, maybe some DF from the void century arent't here anymore.
    Edit: You definetly deserve a larger community, your content is pure fire bro !

  7. Honestly my only problems with wano are lack of development outside of the monster trio and the fact that we STILL DON’T HAVE KAIDO’s BACKSTORY!

  8. Old bag said they killed the people that killed kanjuro’s parents but I think they killed his parents because he was a good actor and could fool them

  9. What’s up man really like your videos. I agree with a lot of your points. I think the only one we slightly see different is you liked denjiro placement of his reveling of kiryshiro I didn’t but that’s minor, thought it seemed rushed and out of place. I wanted to ask have you thought about the prophecy toki told? She said it will be 9 scabbards but we know one is a traitor. So I’m curious do you think shinobu would be considered That last scabbard because idk if you noticed at the dock shinobu was holding momo but when konjuro revealed himself he had him and we don’t know where shinobu is. Could she have just been a painting of konjuro or is she hiding for a surprise attack. Nobody mentioned that. Or do you think konjuro would have a change of heart because as of now again there are 8 scabbards and the prophecy said 9. Curious of your thoughts on it.

  10. im not sure if you have talked about this before, but it has to do with the inevitable luffy v blackbeard fight. IF we assume that luffy has inherited Rodgers will and blackbeard has inherited xebecs will. Do you think that luffy will need the help of the marines to defeat blackbeard like rodger did. If so do you think that that marine would be koby since it could be said that he is trying to be like Garp.

  11. I feel like Kaido is man chill but ain’t no pussy but still get on yo ass and he wants to die but go out wit a bang

  12. Fandom of One Piece are stupids because Kanjuro deserved to die. He is the worst character now so he doesn't deserve any apologized

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