Lee Min Jung Feels Happy Just to Look at Her Son~! [The Barber of Seville Ep 4]

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42 thoughts on “Lee Min Jung Feels Happy Just to Look at Her Son~! [The Barber of Seville Ep 4]

  1. Why does everyone keep bringing up the scandal? Like it was years ago, they're still married, so stop bringing it up. Also, it was never really proven whether or not it was true, so don't assume things either. Just let them live their lives, without digging up the past.

  2. She's beautiful,and she's forgiven wife,bless her heart, I'm pretty sure her husband learned from it,he said he'll do everything to make it up what he had cost her pain in embarrassment, do please stop bringing up he's past,they are now living together with their son as happy family, he's wife choose to forgive him, because she loved him,and they had son also to protect,stop,she choose to keep her marriage rather than listen to the people whom they judge him,leave them with peace and happiness, love Lee min Jang,♥️♥️♥️🙏

  3. Aww really heartwarming & CUTE! She looks so happy & relaxed masha Allah!
    Haha, I do the blowing many kisses too on phone to family.

    Aww heard Lee Byung Hun at the end. I am happy that they seem happier than years ago. 😊

  4. Oh my God, i just realize that Chae ji an (the girl who appeared on love me actually) has the same vibe with Lee min jung

  5. Those who keep bother commenting about LBH past scandal in every LMJ articles or video, you guys are crazy srlyy 😡😡 Even LMJ choose to believe her husband and defend their marriage, I don't get it why you guys keep bringing those issue. She is a grown up woman. She know the best for her family!

  6. So since LBH resides in USA for his Hollywood films their son is w/ him? So LMJ has to go back and forth to USA-S.Korea most of the time? 🤔 Also, can you guys stop w/ the cheating 🤦 she's happy they're trying to keep the relationship private 😒 I see no article in Korea that centers them anymore..unlike celebrity couples who are divorcing here and there 🙄

  7. Lee ByungHun didn't has brain for cheating her wife.
    I mean, look at her..
    Lovely wife and they has son too. Stupid!! I hope he never cheat again

  8. She is beautiful. I usually focus on beauty only when I open a video like this. But when her son talking about Dori has same thing that she wearing in the cloth. I was feeling her son is cute.

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