LeeMinJung is Bringing the Soup Over and LeeByungHun is Already Finished [My Little Old Boy Ep 114]

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44 thoughts on “LeeMinJung is Bringing the Soup Over and LeeByungHun is Already Finished [My Little Old Boy Ep 114]

  1. Hopefully her husband learned from it, it's really embarrassing what he done to he's wife,but he's wife choose to forgive him,I admire her so much, she's one of a kind,she want her son growing up in good deeds, God bless you LMJ, I hope you in your family are now in good shape, sending love from California 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 I pray for your healing process,God will take care of you ♥️♥️♥️🙏

  2. My ghheeddd..her husband must be truly blessed to have her in his life. Honestly LBH doesn't deserve her. His ugly face doesn't match her wife's beautiful face. Tsk. Tsk. I really hate LBH. How dare him that he cheated his wife. Even b4 he was with Song Hye Kyo there were rumors that he cheated on her also that was y they broke up.

  3. That’s exactly my problem, my husband eat so fast and I am now tired of asking him to chew well and eat slowly!

  4. Bleh she deserves better. Pretty obvious her husband cheated/wanted to cheat on her. Lee Byung Hun is really lucky to have her. At least one of them truly meant their wedding vows. I hope she is happy.

  5. people in the comments are telling the wrong stories or not the whole story.

    he was blackmailed by two girls apart of an ex idol group called glam. one of them was his “mistress”. she had money problems and he payed for her phone bills and other things like that. if you guys did research you’d see the messages that prove he was cheating. obviously those messages were what they tried to blackmail him with. along with a video of him making more sexual jokes. the two girls were already sentenced.

  6. I just want to say something to everyone …

    He got blackmailed with video of him saying inappropriate stuff while drinking with the two girls who got blackmailed so let's not create any more speculations I'm sure min-jung and Byung hun have been through enough

  7. Her husband is soooo out of her league. She got married too early, I mean at the peak of her career.
    The least thing her husband can do is to stay faithful to her, stay loyal to the woman who is ready to throw her career just to start a family with you

  8. I still remembered her on Running Man Episodes 72 and 73 in Hong Kong way back in Dec 2011. She was so cute and adorable then. Now she is just flat out beautiful. Her face reminds me of Park Ji-yeon of T-ARA.

  9. I could never take a man back who so disrespected me. The poor child will know about it one day when inevitably they'll see reports. Men need to respect marriage and their vows.

  10. Isn't he like 12 years older than her? Damn the level of maturity she has compared to him.. Imagine cheating on this talented beautiful women….. Lmao that should be a sin

  11. Sorry but I still remember how he cheat on her while she’s pregnant… looking at her saying sweet things about him kinda sad.

  12. Let the past in the past. Lee min jung and lee byung hun seems happy now. LBH often brought his wife and son to overseas for holiday/for work. They recently went to LA and Santorini, Greece. Check out their instagram posts. They might not post their pic together, but sometimes reporters caught them at the airport or there are some people took pic of them in LA

  13. Lee ming jung is a great actress.I saw her once when she acted in Cunning Lady.
    She is so pretty , sweet and charming.🙂🙂

  14. To ask if she had ever been disappointed by her husband was…the writers should've been more sensitive. Everyone knows how the scandal affected her family.

  15. I admire her after the scandal happen, she ever said: "every marriage/relationship have problems but it doesn't mean when it's didn't work you can just throw it away & leave it/running away from it…instead fix it & work it out together, every people/marriage/relationship deserve a second change"…she is young (far young then her husband), she is marriage in young age + when she was on top her carrier …but she is mature, wise, breave, beautiful & he is soo lucky to have her as his wife & a mother of his children….he better not loose her…

  16. that awkward moment when she says that when she first married he ate too fast and it disappointed her…

  17. LOL! when the MC`s ask if she ever got disappointed in her husband.. THATS AWKWARD AS HELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL fucking brutal hahahahahah

  18. What a strange decision… to go on a television show to be passively poked and prodded about such a topic.

  19. She is sooooo pretty and charming 💕 the mums here really like her, and that says something about her character!

  20. Now that was real awkward. Everyone knows her husband wasn't faithful to her and to ask if she'd ever been disappointed by him…

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