Mendum – Elysium


Guitar played by the amazing Harald Fried.
Artwork by

Lyrics (by The Eden Project/EDEN):
I can’t believe
The night lay waste to all we’d given
But honestly
You’ve gotta know that this ain’t livin
But we could run
From elysium
Let it burn, let it burn
You’ve gotta know that nothing lasts


I can’t believe myself
I never thought that this would be our end
But it’s nothing new
And my lovers honesty
But I can push it back push it back down if I have to
If you want me to
Cos we can run
We can run
Cos the stars they fall
All for you
So tell me now
What’s left to lose
If we run



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28 thoughts on “Mendum – Elysium

  1. The best music I've never heard and i will never hear
    This music come from an other universe, it can't be something else. And that's why YOU are the stars, falling for us
    Respect, forever, because this song is more than perfect. This song is simply unimaginable…

  2. Okay, am confused. R u the author of this epic piece? As far as I know, NCS has an almost identical track.

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