Nisemonogatari OP 3 – Platinum Disco – 偽物語 – ( Lyrics Romaji )

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One thought on “Nisemonogatari OP 3 – Platinum Disco – 偽物語 – ( Lyrics Romaji )

  1. English Lyrics :

    Hah, move it!

    Ah, all right!

    If you take a look around, the surface is a world of platinum, and I take just one step into it.

    Dance with me and the sparkle in my heart that will never stop.

    The moon I found on your back that day is, today again,

    Sparkling like a disco ball in the night sky, glittering and shimmering.

    Things that will change, things that won't change, I'm bored with them,

    And so I pledge to you the first time I learned about this eternity.

    Platinum, even though I'm happy

    Platinum, I get lonely

    Platinum, and tears come out.

    Why, how, Discotheque.

    Ah, all right!

    Yes yes!

    If I look back, the sound of my footsteps lined up to you are always playing with yours.

    Even if you want to sleep, I'm not sleepy. Let's dance just a little bit more till morning.

    And even if tomorrow never comes, it's fine to do this forever like this.

    I wish that today continues on… Yeah right. Flitter, flutter, I fall into my dreams.

    It's subtle, but it's an irreplaceable history that's coming together.

    Even the smallest lie will come true when I'm at your side.

    DISCO? Yes yes!

    DISCO! Ah, all right!

    DISCO… One more time!!


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