NVIDIA G-Sync Technology

NVIDIA demos its upcoming G-Sync technology for reducing lag, stuttering and screen tearing.
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47 thoughts on “NVIDIA G-Sync Technology

  1. I've bought a G-SYNC monitor. After a day the G-SYNC stopped working because of a setting in the monitor. I really noticed the difference already. Had to reset my monitor to fix it again. But god! I can't play games without G-SYNC anymore! Ones you go G-sync. Forget about the V-stink!

  2. I got a g sync and cant tell any difference. I turned it on through the nvidia settings. Maybe there is something els I have to do? I went from a 144hz to a 120hz ips ultrawide. And I get a solid 120hz. Looks no different than my 144 tear wise 🙁

  3. I couldn’t see no different it look the same on both unless you got superman eyes and can see every centimeters of the screen going at 100 milliseconds

  4. Doom eternal with g sync had more tears than the first doom.. First doom had way better graphics (detail on guns) the intense battles and the frame rates needed to be considered on eternal especially since they wanna put it on switch also

  5. I have 165Hz Gsync monitor and i have tearing.
    I solved it by locking the FPS at 144 and the tearing is removed.
    On multiplayer I turn everything off.

  6. I have a XFA240 monitor and have a gtx 970 and don't see the option to turn on gsync in the nvidia settings HELP!!!

  7. Years later I still think this technology is completely useless. If you have double the fps of your refresh rate, there isnt going to be any screen tearing and thats for competitve games. If your on a singleplayer game, normal vsync wont matter so you get no tearing. I'd much rather buy a good gpu than buy a gsync monitor.

  8. this susch bull shit i have a old dvi vga monitor taht i use sometime when i need to check computer and dvi dont work so i have to get a hdmi vga adapter and i have to tearing on my game

  9. So Ive put on Displayport cable and turned Gsync on, started to hear a strange noise from my computer. Happened again and changed back to hdmi cable and Gsync OFF.

  10. Could do without the guitar backing track, but otherwise a pretty neat demo for those of us still stuck in the stone age without G-Sync. 😂

  11. HELP PLS! I have RTX 2080s i7 9700kf PC. I want to buy 240hz monitor. I would most likely buy AW2518HF which has FREE SYNC. Is that good, or i should buy other GSYNC monitor. I dont know a lot about that sync stuff but i know that monitor i really good and lot of streamera use it and i want to get the best for me. Please help. Thanks.

  12. Yeah you can still see the drops if you don't lock the framerate. So what's the fucking point of paying 1500$ for a G-Sync monitor? Just use RTSS S-Sync with Nvidia Fast Sync. Fucking unbelievable.

  13. Thanks for the vid. Just looking for a basic example and it was there. Btw what's the background music song/artist name?

  14. Remember when NVIDIA tricked everyone into thinking they need to pay hundreds of dollars extra for anti-tear tech that isn't needed when you get past 120Hz+. Yeah….. I think it is still happening… ><

  15. Guys no v-sync and v-sync somehow doesnt show it self in video but if you see it in monitor its show itself

  16. gsync with fastsync is the way to go… minimal input lag and no screen tearing ever no matter the framerate…

  17. Will Gsync lock the fps like Vsync? And is it possible if my monitor still only have 75hz refresh rate?

  18. What up with the people saying the G-SYNC monitors are expensive? You can get a 1080p 144hz GSYNC monitor for $180

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