One Piece Theory (+956) – The Traitor of Kouzuki Clan!

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39 thoughts on “One Piece Theory (+956) – The Traitor of Kouzuki Clan!

  1. Holy SHI..wauw.. just wauw.. you sir deserve my subscription!! YOU’RE A FREAKING GENIUS HOLY COW!! You even got the part of him playing goofy! Great detective skills!! KEEP IT UP!!!!!

  2. Hey marco I watched your old theories that you had posted some 3 and 4 years ago
    And I want to talk about the possible role of Hiriluk foreshadowing

    THUS Consider this scenario where HAWKINS Mentioned to Luffy about his CHANCES Of survival after one month is 19 PERCENT Only
    Thus after WANO Arc we might go to West BLUE

  3. You honestly deserve some kind of award for this video. Literally everything as on point. From the fake drawings to him wanting to die. I’m starting to believe this is oda’s secret YouTube account.

  4. Now tell us that you're Oda's traitor leaking his manga to the outside world. THAT THEORY WAS AMAZING AND ON POINT!

  5. After I read one piece Ch I went again to watch this video , man that accurate !! . Maybe oda should hire you as an editor 👏🏽🔥🔥

  6. Came here from JBTs 974 review. That is some seriously high level analysis, absolutely amazing. This vid has definitely earned a sub from me.

  7. He was the only one who had all the information from the beginning, so u would just have to deduct who wasn't there from the start, it left just him and kin.

  8. A great theory indeed. But he still not know all of Oda's plan.
    Oda made Kanjuro's reasons of doing this, the best version. It is not the usual blackmail stuff.

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