OPPO Watch VS Apple Watch 5 – Comparison

Comparison between the Oppo Watch and Apple Watch 5! Please, like and subscribe if you like! Thanks for watching!

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45 thoughts on “OPPO Watch VS Apple Watch 5 – Comparison

  1. The real question with the Oppo Watch (and with the Mi Watch) is whether it will support apps from the Google Play Store. This is absolutely key to determine whether this watch (which has a lot of wonderful features) will be anything more than a tiny niche item that "could have been a contender."

  2. I like Apple watch.. but Digital crawn Apple watch is very sensitive.. overall is good.. you must lock water Apple watch if you running or wash hand or swimming..

  3. The best part of oppo watch is that you can use it as a smartphone by removing the watch straps and people wont notice.

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