People Think The Simpsons Predicted Tom Hanks’ Coronavirus Diagnosis

Fans are adding Tom Hanks’ recent coronavirus diagnosis to the never-ending list of things The Simpsons has freakishly predicted.

In their 30-plus years on the air, The Simpsons has become something of a prophetic franchise, with several series plot points that became, to various degrees, a reality. Among the series’ weirdest and wildest predictions were the winners of several Super Bowls, the Siegfried and Roy tiger attack, and, most recently, Donald Trump’s presidential election.

Because of The Simpsons’ track record for calling the future sometimes decades before it happens, fans are now freaking out about what they see as an uncanny link between Tom Hanks’ cameo in 2007’s The Simpsons Movie and his coronavirus quarantine after he and his wife, Rita Wilson, tested positive for the virus.

At one point in the film, the Cast Away star appears in an advertisement for a new Grand Canyon being built in Springfield.

During the end credits of the movie, Hanks, voicing himself, has a little something extra to say.

Many are taking this gag as a prediction of Hanks’ COVID-19 diagnosis. But while there have certainly been a few shocking parallels between The Simpsons’ plot lines and real-life events, the connection between Hanks’ quarantine and the PSA-style cameo is pretty thin.

First of all, Hanks isn’t ill in The Simpsons Movie, he’s simply using his credibility to help out the government and advertise the new Grand Canyon that will replace Springfield.

It’s easy to see how the parallels between the movie’s quarantine situation and Hanks’ predicament might have some crossover, but it’s a weak link at best. Not only does the dialogue in question sound like something just about every famous person says about going out in public, but the circumstances of the quarantine are also drastically different.

The cameo and Hanks’ current status actually mirrors some of The Simpsons’ other softer predictions, like the three-eyed fish Bart found near a Springfield power plant during a 1990 episode mirroring three-eyed fish that was discovered in a reservoir in Argentina near a nuclear power plant nearly a decade later. Keep watching the video to see why people think The Simpsons predicted Tom Hanks’ coronavirus diagnosis

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42 thoughts on “People Think The Simpsons Predicted Tom Hanks’ Coronavirus Diagnosis

  1. Didn’t they predict the theory of dark matter though? Kind of negates the whole elaborate video to convince you of coincidence.

  2. Every one is mentioning the simpsons predicting the novel corona virus. has anyone watched the show called the last ship its like the show was a warning of what a pandemic could do to the modern world ????

  3. Sorry, but that is purely and only coincidende. Like any other predictions. It´s always so easy afterwards explain things, why they got how they got.

  4. The Simpsons writers don’t predict, they relive. They originated in the year 2054 and travelled back in time before certain events took place and chronicles stories of the past before they happened.

  5. Trying to say the Simpson's didnt reference the 9-11 is like saying Biggie Smalls who died in 97 didnt predict it aswell in this verse "Now I'm in the limelight, 'cause I rhyme tight/
    Time to get paid, blow up like the World Trade

  6. Tom hanks at a coffee shop in 1983: “hey thanks!”

    Looper: the Simpsons predicted every award Tom hanks ever won!

  7. Nah the one about Trump can't be something that just came true because of a whole bunch of predictions. They even had his movement down from the future

  8. Yeah , for the people who don’t know about predictive programming and how the Illum “naughty” operates these are all unrelated coincidences. These same people have a problem adding 2 and 2 together!

  9. Bay Hanks ve eşinin malum hastalığa yakalanmasina üzüldüm çok geçmiş olsun umarım şimdi iyilerdir…

  10. No one is saying that the Simpsons "predicts" the future in some supernatural way. The claim is that the well-connected producers of this show insert these things to psychologically condition the masses for future events or social trends that are already in the works. It's about social engineering and media mind control, not mysticism. You are strawmanning the issue, but that of course is your objective here , isn't it?

  11. Well how do you explain the fact that the Simpsons singlehandedly alone jump started the search for the god particle equation 14 years before its discovery.
    Say what you want, but math is concrete, and they came up with an equation that shook the world of math harder than the at the time Einsteins theoretical physics equation of black holes

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