Pitbull – Rain Over Me ft. Marc Anthony (Official Video)

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A billion’s a new million
Voli’s a new vodka
Forty is the new 30
Baby you’re a rock star
Dale veterana, que tú sabe
Más de la cuenta, no te hagas
Teach me baby, or better yet,
Freak mebaby, yes, yes
I’m freaky baby, I’mma make sure that your peach feels peachy baby
No bullshit broads, I like my women sexy, classy, sassy
Powerful yes, they love to get a little nasty, ow
This ain’t a game you’ll see, you can put the blame on me
Dale muñequita, abre ahí, and let it rain over me

Girl my body don’t lie
I’m outta my mind
Let it rain over me
I’m rising so high
Out of my mind
So let it rain over me

Ay ay ay
Ay ay ay
Let it rain over me
Ay ay ay
Ay ay ay
Let it rain over me

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29 thoughts on “Pitbull – Rain Over Me ft. Marc Anthony (Official Video)

  1. People make fun of pit bull Bcz he is not a hip hop rapper as raps on dance beats so I m gonna tell those fools that rapping in disco beats is called mciing ND they are much fun to listen

  2. Ay ay ay, ay ay ay let the coronavirus go awaaayyy
    Ay ay ay, ay ay ay I hate quarantineeeee

  3. Пиздец ностальгия, питбуль останется в нашей памяти навсегда 2009-2012

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