Raven's Jig – A Time for Us (Off-vocal + midi, piano tutorial synthesia)

It’s been a very busy time for Raven’s Jig. We’ve been working on our website ( which will soon contain information, songs, photographs and unpublished extras. Additionally, the two members of Raven’s Jig were in London visiting various places and having a good time. It’s safe to say it’s been a great Summer. We hope you’ve been fortunate enough to experience a likewise terrific time these holidays!

“A Time for Us” is from the 1968 film Romeo & Juliet. We wish to write lyrics on the freedom experienced by aviators. Though pilots are baffled by checklists, procedures, rules, regulations and years of training; when you are no longer bound by two dimensions, and you can see everything and everyone from above, you get a cosmic feeling. Lyrics soon to come, need to finish other songs in queue first.

On-vocal is available here:

Title: A Time for Us
Based on: A Time for Us (composed by Nino Rota; Eddie Snyder; Larry Kusic)

Arrangement: Raven’s Jig
Album: none
Year: 2013

MP3, flac and midi available at:
MP3 and flac of the ON-vocal available at:

I don’t own the images.

Additional notes on playing style: Synthesia does NOT annotate sustain pedal, a lot of notes will sound longer than they appear on the piano-roll. You will have to download the midi-file and look at the sustain usage itself, or fill it in based on your own experience. The rule-of-thumb is that this is a song which uses sustain-pedal almost constantly, with minor pauses to release the notes.

Nota bene: Synthesia displays this song as 109BPM for whatever reason. It is played at 110BPM, and the midi file is configured to be 110bpm. As for the reason why synthesia reports a wrong number; I’m not sure.

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