Ronaldinho behind bars: The ‘incredible’ story that landed the Barcelona legend in jail | ESPN FC

Julien Laurens joins ESPN FC to explain how Brazilian legend Ronaldinho ended up in a prison five-a-side game in Paraguay. Frank Leboeuf, Alejandro …


45 thoughts on “Ronaldinho behind bars: The ‘incredible’ story that landed the Barcelona legend in jail | ESPN FC

  1. Maybe by putting him to prison they have saved him and the people he would have interacted with from Coronavirus – covid 19. You never know who would have come to shake his hand, sign this biography, sign that there, throw the ball here and kick that ball there. God loves his people.

  2. No one is above the law, we are all under it. Lucky that justice is faced with everyone, he knew what he was doing but thought its not that serious…

  3. when you have love and have great passion for something this is the length you are willing to go, even if you are going to be in trouble for it ! he could not resist that football match.

  4. I wanna open up a bank account in the names of RONALDINHO THE GREAT here in Uganda so that we help our brother the greatest entertainer in this beautiful game of football, It leaves me hrt broken into pieces 💔💔💔 to let this guy into prison for all that period of time however, this might be these best moments those prisoner who are enjoying with him to have had in their lives. RONALDINHO should have not used even the passport. His name and face is just enough.
    One ♥️♥️♥️👍👍

  5. Against England in the 2002 World Cup, he recorded a Ronaldinho “hat trick,” a goal an assist and a straight red card.

  6. This people will end ur career and rise another player..y’all sleeping fellers let’s just enjoy the game and look now who’s raining in Brazil now ? He will also go soon and another one will come is season my people

  7. What was he thinking?..Pray that this will pass soon and that he will learn from his mistake. Undoubtedly a gem of a player we've seen in our lifetime!

  8. How can you fake when people can't even stop talking about you even after you left football. Everyone knows you. Well, I guess he thinks they won't even bother to look at his passport because he's widely known.

  9. Ronaldhinho is a good soccer player but he's not discipline and it seems his brother is not a good adviser for him I'm sad .

  10. If someone like Ronaldhino is well-known allover esp. S. America, one wonders why he would need identification other than other issues of travel!?🤔

  11. It’s just a legal border thing, we all know the government isn’t clean themselves. We all won’t blame Ronaldinho, it’s just a small thing

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