Skype How to sign out from all devices

I would sign out of Skype on my pc and would be told it still shows me online and I didn’t know where I was still signed in and on what device.

Chat commands you need to know

/showplaces «– this shows you what devices you are signed onto

/remotelogout «– this signs you out of all devices except the current one your using

Step 1: Open any chat window
step 2: type /showplaces in chat and hit Enter (this will show what is logged in to skype)
step 3: type /remotelogout and hit Enter (this will log you out of everything except the current skype you are on)
step 4: type /showplaces and your done (this will show what you are still logged into)

Side note
If you have set a device Pc, Phone etc… to auto login on restart you might also want to change your password prior to doing /remotelogout


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27 thoughts on “Skype How to sign out from all devices

  1. I typed in /remotelogout however a message Invalid command, please try again was then displayed. Please explain? Thanks again.

  2. I typed in /remotelogout however a message Invalid command, please try again. Please explain? Thanks again.

  3. when i try to change my password it says incorrect on the page were we try to change our password !!
    there they ask to enter our old password and new password and retype new password
    when i enter my old password and then new password
    when i click confirm ! its says my old password is wrong !! i try to sign in with that same password ! it works !!
    i dunno what the fuck is happening to damn skype
    i am trying to make my ex signout from my skype id i created for her !! shows still online !
    maybe she have auto log in on her phone !!
    is there any way for this im fucking annoyed by this shit !!

  4. Sir can you explain the following command:
    "Available commands: /add [skypename] /giphy [expression] – sends random GIF for given expression (optional) /alerts off | on [keywords] /alertsoff /alertson [keywords] /help /me [message] – sends special message prepended by your name"

  5. what does it mean to have online endpoints? does that mean someone is constantly getting into my account? or is it just a problem with skype . cause i got like 13 endpoints , i just dont know what it means. thanks ☺

  6. /remotelogout
    Stops push notifications on all other instances of Skype except the current one.

    it doesnt say we get logged out

  7. thank you so much!! it does work. for people who still have points showing even after commanding it to/remotelogout simply log out from your account and then log in again. and then command /showplaces you'll only have one device

  8. Hi I have tried this and it is not working. Please can you offer me some help. My skype is logged onto someones phone

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