SOLSKJÆR tries to recognize his MAN. UNITED players from baby photos!!

Man. United manager Ole Gunnar Solskjær may know his squad like the back of his hand, but can he recognise his players in pictures taken from their formative …


42 thoughts on “SOLSKJÆR tries to recognize his MAN. UNITED players from baby photos!!

  1. Step aside, Erling. You can score 9 goals, but still didn't lifted up the Champions League trophy as Ole did

  2. Constant hate thrown this mans way for getting one of the hardest jobs in football with minimal managerial experience. The way I see it he's smashing it. The signing of bruno fernandes has completely changed Manchester united

  3. Sir Alex got it wrong with David Moyes but after years of error and confusion in management, He got this one right with Ole. He is now at the wheels and proving doubters wrong. It wasn't easy coming to the club with all the deadwoods, slowly but surely we are getting there. Him identifying all his current players shows you he is the man to take us forward and also the fact he is attracting world class players when everyone wrote us off. Great times ahead# Glory Glory man utd#

  4. 1:17 you can see on his head he’s slightly losing his hair. Can be age or can be work but if this man is losing hair over United, then I’ll continue to back him. I won’t lie, I wanted Pochettino at first but recently Ole has been convincing me.

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