SULLI 설리 '고블린 (Goblin)' MV

SULLI’s new single “Goblin” is out! Listen and download on iTunes, Apple Music and Spotify iTunes: Apple Music: …


23 thoughts on “SULLI 설리 '고블린 (Goblin)' MV

  1. Sulli when I saw you in instagram for first time i didn't know much about you back… then but in pictures I found her so beautiful and lively yet sad and lonely …i would often stalk her 💓

  2. 심저어 네이트판에 진리님 돌아라셨을때 잘죽었다 이제야 죽냐 이런 댓글 있었음

  3. I don’t think this was a super accurate representation of DID, but at least it was sympathetic. And a great song too!

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