The God of ADC – Best ADC 2019 Montage (League of Legends)

League of ADC – TOP ADC Plays Compilation #5 (League of Legends)
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【🎶】 Music Intro: Cash Cash – Overtime [
【🎶】 Music Game: Mind Invaders & Joan Ember – Different (feat. Veronica Bravo)
【🎶】 Music Game: Gareth Emery & Standerwick – Saving Light (NWYR Remix) [feat. HALIENE]
【🎶】 Music Game: WE ARE FURY – Signal Fires (feat. Alina Renae)

🔷 SoloMiD Playlist:
🔹 Most Popular Champions:
Thresh, Lee Sin, Kai’Sa, Lucian, Graves

🔹 Most Banned Champions:
Akali, Darius, Yasuo, Irelia, Zed

⛔ Highest Ban Rates For All Roles ⛔

🔸 Top Lane Tier List – Highest Ban Rate:
Darius, Irelia, Jax, Urgot, Aatrox

🔸 Jungle Tier List – Highest Ban Rate:
Evelynn, Graves, Camille, Master Yi, Kayn

🔸 Mid Lane Tier List – Highest Ban Rate:
Akali, Yasuo, Zed, Kassadin, LeBlanc

🔸 Support Tier List – Highest Ban Rate:
Morgana, Pyke, Alistar, Blitzcrank, Brand

🔸 ADC Tier List – Highest Ban Rate:
Kai’Sa, Draven, Lucian, Jhin, Miss Fortune


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21 thoughts on “The God of ADC – Best ADC 2019 Montage (League of Legends)

  1. It’s so annoying/tilting when someone is pinging be careful every step of a triple, quad, or penta. Like bro let me do me lol

  2. I'm an adc and these clips gave me cancer, people that trolled so hard, pure luck or supports that did the most…

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