THE PLATFORM NETFLIX REVIEW | Double Toasted – Today we’re talking about one of the movies on Netflix that is helping out with the concept of having to be shut in your house, getting your entertainment mostly from streaming. We’ve talked about Netflix movies in the past, most notably You, The Witcher, and other movies and TV series on Netflix in 2018, 2019, and now! With Tiger King taking over the internet the last week, we have something else you guys may take a gander at! The Platform, whether in dub or sub, will definitely keep your eyes busy.

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31 thoughts on “THE PLATFORM NETFLIX REVIEW | Double Toasted

  1. I almost passed this up until I found that I could select it to play in English. Thank you Netflix, really great movie.

  2. "Never was a perfect time to stay in!!"
    – a "bunch" of my favorite niggaz, chillin in the studio..

    Regardless of what happens i love u guys. Please stay safe.. Stay protected.
    Edit: And thank u for your work!!!!

  3. I actually admire that there's no definitive ending. The film being devised for sparking deep conversation. Deep reflection.

  4. Korey hit it right on the nail. This film stayed with me long after it finished. Just continued analyzing the political, socio-economic allegories and symbology.

  5. Are they together, if so that’s very hypocritical what he said about the people that are still going out

  6. My question is why did that dude pick that bitch up and eat her in the air instead of just killin her ass then eating her on the ground like a normal person

  7. I lied everything about the movie. But the platform was where the movie lost me. When that thing flies back up, how is that little girl or the dish supposed to stay intact when it stops. She would become ceiling goo.
    And I was hoping the efforts by the woman to ration would have some effect later in the movie. The message seemed to be, just hope to be on a high enough level in life to not starve to death. Otherwise go on a bloadsoaked suicide mission.

  8. 2:19 rag on the woman and the old man… but let’s not forget the grocery stores let them buy so much shit.

  9. SPOILER: I feel there is also some religious aspect to the movie. There's a shot of the main character near the end that looks like Jesus when he's wearing the crown bleeding. He also sacrifice at himself at the end for the message to be delivered.

  10. The perfect movie for those who want the anti-capitalist message of Parasite without all of the nuance and subtlety of that movie's near perfect writing.

  11. I was hoping they were gonna mention the poop in the face scene. I was sooooo anticipating Billy's laughter upon seeing that.

  12. Corey, try watching the series "Kingdom" on Netflix. There are 2 seasons with 7 episodes in each. It is a great show. It is dubbed well also.

  13. The author himself said that it isn’t just a critic to capitalism, they tried to criticize every economic system, but more importantly they criticized human nature and it’s flaws( capital sins). For a better understanding of the movie you need to at least know about the story of Don Quixote, the book of Apocalypse (Bible) and the Divine Comedy.

  14. I love this movie so much. Everything about it was perfection. Going to watch it a few more times it was so gooood.

  15. Grocery stores where I live are limiting the number of items that people can buy per day, only for the high demand items like meat, paper products, and sanitization products. Stores are definitely allowed to prevent people from hoarding, as long as the rules are applied equally. The customer isn't always right.

  16. I LOVE the fact that they name-dropped Snowpiercer. If any of y’all Toasties haven’t watched it, DO👏IT👏NOW👏! Seriously, it’s an amazing movie and so underrated, it’s criminal.

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