Tom Hanks And Rita Wilson Leave Hospital; Idris Elba Tests Positive For Coronavirus | TODAY

Five days after being diagnosed with the coronavirus in Australia, Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson have been released from the hospital and are under quarantine in …


45 thoughts on “Tom Hanks And Rita Wilson Leave Hospital; Idris Elba Tests Positive For Coronavirus | TODAY

  1. Yes. Actors and celebrities are diagnosed with virus, while 5-6000 more and hundreds are dead. But you know that kevin durant has it as well! Americans with no money or help are infected and cant get a test but the famous rich can get test and diagnosed within hours!

  2. Theres no such thing as the corona virus its a usa government fbi false flag campaign created to scare people into submission to control people. Theres nothing to fear so go out and gather in groupes of as many as you want. Go to work, school, and most importantly go out and buy things. And dont beleive anything the usa government tells you

  3. IT'S OFFICIALLY COOL TO HAVE CORONAVIRUS… every hollywood actors will now say they have it… weird how coronavirus is never as bad as FLU

  4. Tom Hanks is accused of pedophilia along with Charlie Sheen and many other. Stay current. Tom is in Hiding in Australia and refuses to fly back to america due to his sentence. All Weinstein

  5. Something aint right: Flu kills 4x more than Corona, but governments create panic over Coronavirus. How can we trust governments in view of NWO Agenda 21 ?

    Coronavirus COVID-19 Pandemic: Real Danger is “Agenda ID2020” a global alliance of public-private partners & UN agencies. An electronic ID program that uses vaccinations for digital identity.
    I understand both Tom Hanks & wife tested positive for Coronavirus recently; both have recovered within 14 days & are out of the hospital. So, why control & punish society – national emergency ?

    Recovering so quickly: why the emergency ? Tom Hanks leaves hospital after coronavirus diagnosis in Australia

  6. Many people who have 'recovered' may still get sicker if they are reinfected as no antibodies can be produced after being infected. Therefore no vaccine will work especially when vaccines gives everyone autoimmune diseases when body over reacts to the ingredients injected directly into the body.

  7. Why hasn't Idris Alba's wife been tested? Especially since he is not wearing a mask AND she has her hands all over her face. Ridiculous.

  8. tom hanks, you and your hideous wife are scum bag liars.
    You are sell outs and puppets of the elite powerstructure.
    Pure garbage.

  9. I made singing video to help make covid19 in my area california go away!

  10. But Trump said it was a liberal hoax!
    Fox News said that the corona virus was a joke, and that their viewers should "go out and hug people…"
    I think Trump should hold one of his Confederate rallies, so all his supporters can gather in close quarters and hug each other…

  11. Stay positive don’t freak out …. easy to say if your a millionaire but when you might lose everything like job , house etc etc if this goes on for months .

  12. I didn't realize Australia was hospitalizing patients with mild symptoms. Here, they are even cancelling planned surgeries to keep hospitals beds open for possible extremely ill COVID19 patients.

  13. This is why the virus is so dangerous, not only symptomatic but also asymptomatic carriers. Be safe ya'll! #GlobalQuarantine

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