Tom Hanks And Rita Wilson Share New Update On Their Coronavirus | TODAY

Overnight, Tom Hanks and his wife, Rita Wilson, shared a new update about their coronavirus recovery. There are new questions for fans and celebrities who …


50 thoughts on “Tom Hanks And Rita Wilson Share New Update On Their Coronavirus | TODAY

  1. Why are they in the Military compound. Look behind him with the bar code. They are detained for different reasons and it's been covered up by the media. You will find out everything later. It's going to be exposed.

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  3. Mr. And mrs. Hanks I'm glad you guys made it through Mr. Hanks you brought a lot of enjoyment throughout my life lot of laughs & alot of smiles. thank you for all the work youve done God bless you and your family and God bless us with the cure for this coronavirus as well my condolences for the families who have had lost Ones due to the virus so sad 🛐⚘

  4. So sorry to hear that the Hanks are recovering. We really don’t need far left socialist (I.e., communists).

  5. Don’t care about these two. I care more for those who may not get tested or lose jobs bc of the stores closing down.

  6. It’s not that bad. The flu kills over 300,000 people in America in one year, where the corona virus has killed under 5,000 globally in 3 months

  7. Funny how Tom sent a tweet out but no video this whole time from him. I've been looking all over the internet but since the announcement of him and his wife having corona there has been nothing else. Things that make you go hmmm. The Great Awakening. Q

  8. rahasia obat virus melanda Indonesia like di bahwa jika ingin tahu

  9. Not because Tom and Rita are celebrities they are free roaming around even they are. diagnosed with COVIN 19.
    They both can transferred that virus to other people. When regular people contacted COVIN 19 they are quarantine when celebrities are showing in plays and party. So unfair, and life is really unfair

  10. All this shows me is how many people you can expose to the virus in a very short amount of time. Anything and everything they touched everywhere they visited left exposure risk behind. Clearly they were in contact with A LOT of people in numerous countries and on multiple continents. This is not good news. And where did their son go when he left carrying the virus with him.

  11. Its March 2020 Coronavirus will eventually die out . The next virus is what we need to watchout for…,


  12. My app could provide alternative ways to greet family, friends, and loved ones during this stressful and confusing time.

  13. Gosto save lahat NG boo Mondo Alam ko pag subok no Lord Ito lahat NG Mondo Sana matapos marami namatay sodra worry is God good

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