Tom Hanks Posts Coronavirus Update: ‘Thanks To The Helpers’ | TODAY

Tom Hanks and his wife, Rita Wilson, are under coronavirus quarantine in Australia. In his latest update on their condition, Hanks quoted Mister Rogers: “Thanks to the helpers. Let’s take care of ourselves and each other.”
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Tom Hanks Posts Coronavirus Update: ‘Thanks To The Helpers’ | TODAY


47 thoughts on “Tom Hanks Posts Coronavirus Update: ‘Thanks To The Helpers’ | TODAY

  1. hes being looked after in AUSTRALIA like royalty where we have the worlds best medical research ,,,,AUSTRALIA HAS IN FACT FOUND THE WORLDS FIRST COVID-19 VACCINE.which has been proven to work y .we have currently 2 separate medical research labs which have different but equally effective treatments .so the rest of the world sit tight Australia will save you .vacines will be on the way 2 to 3 months.we probably will pass onto the usa our discoveries(then you will get news reports in the usa omitting a little thing ,who actually discovered it) reminds me about who was the first to make a powered flight ,sorry it wasnt the wright brothers .

  2. Tom is a liar 🤥 people are going to be sick of this. “I still suspect it’s going to be like a light switch. It’s going to turn off and people are going to stop caring.

  3. Cant Wait to see the cuffs go on Mr. Hanks… Nothing can stop us. You cant run, hide, nothing will stop this. Cant wait till everyone see's what you have done! Coward.

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  5. Sorry you feel so bad, Tom. 🙄
    Once you’ve both recovered, I’m sure you and your wife will be volunteering to help out and do your part in the public hospitals, right?

  6. Everyone who has Corona Virus can be as cool as Tom Hanks or the many more will say they doing us all a favor by self quarantine… oh thanks

  7. Must be nice to have doctors on anytime you want them !!!!! Too bad everybody's not treated the same way in America!!!! Hollyweird and the greedy. I will never go see another movie as long as I live… I don't see these jerks talking about the homeless now.. It was just all politics…

  8. days ago in comment i ask Tom hanks to go to fairfield Iowa Maharishi ayur veda clinic on the campus of he's got money hollywood needs to know natural health care many antivirals exist among 28137 specie sof medicnal plants in god s organic garden used globally for 1000s of years
    shop at whole foods and organic health food stores lay off meat for the duration it contains no vitamin C the immunity vitamin and taxes digestion
    allinclusive holistic approach burning books in internet age is not an easy heresy hunt medical status quo has ignored alternatives and committed sin against freedom by insinuating internet heresy media is exposed as vapid shallow and narrowminded W H O recognizes traditional and complimentary medicine but hasnt used it media has ignored it and seems bigoted aginst it simply put herbs are heresy to status quo

    media must speakwith ayur veda maharishi ayur veda TCM ethnobotany naturopathy western master herbalism natural nutrition science mind/body medicine


    people need natural health education consciousness of healthy habits and wholesome habitat media is not a healthy habi

  9. Strange how it seems that so many actors, sports stars, radio/TV personalities and politicians are diagnosed with COVID-19. Sorry but I’m not buying ANY of this. When people that I know personally start being infected (and I can actually confirm it) then maybe I’ll start taking all of this seriously.

  10. “Thanks to the helpers"

    Guess that is what you rich, out-of -touch people call nurses, doctors, lab techs, scientists, immunology specialists.

    What an insult.

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