Tom Hanks & Rita Wilson Released From Hospital | E! News

The pair has left a Queensland hospital five days after Tom revealed their COVID-19 diagnosis. Get the details here. Full Story: …


26 thoughts on “Tom Hanks & Rita Wilson Released From Hospital | E! News

  1. Fantastic news. If this doesn't show that this virus is recoverable, I don't know what will. Here's hoping people like Idris Elba, Olga Kurylenko, Kristofer Hivju, and undoubtedly others recover from this as well.

  2. Συμπατριωτη μου,,,,, να ξερεις,οτι Σ'ΑΓΑΠΑΜΕ παρα πολυ,,και θελουμε να εισαι ΓΕΡΟΣ καιΔΥΝΑΤΟΣ….. ΠΕΡΑΣΤΙΚΑ, και στους δυο σας. Οταν ξανα'ρθεις στην πατριδα, θα σου'χουμε, το καλιτερο ,κρασι και το καλιτερο τσιπουρο. [ παντα να χαμογελας,,,γιατι το μετδιδεις και σε εμας]

  3. Why hasn't been through the quarantine time yet???? Are they exempted. Or something both confirmed have it should be 20 day Qt

  4. Yeah, whatever. Just wait for real people to get sick, by the thousands, people without million$ to fall back on.😢

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