World War Z Horde Mode Tips [LIVE]

For those who got WWZ for free in the last few days, join and ask questions about the horde mode. Get some horde mode tips and tricks in world war z. Gameplay starts at 17:39

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World War Z Horde Mode
World War Z Game Update
World War Z Update
World war z horde mode gameplay
WWZ Game Update

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29 thoughts on “World War Z Horde Mode Tips [LIVE]

  1. World war Z became my favorite game lately and your Channel is amazing i just subscribe to u and question do u play black ops zombies?

  2. When horde mode first landed i got to wave 50 on normal and got bored and quit. But like you said it glitched after wave 27+. We was getting less zombies, not more, after every round lol. Assumed they would of patched it after they made it harder but i dont play it on normal. I prefer to play on hard cuz you get at minimum 5 blue credits after wave 7 and more every so many rounds. Good to see someone making good vids on this underrated game tho bro. Maybe link up when they sort out cross play for ps4.

  3. Weird aiming you have. Either your sensitivity is way too high or you over moving your mouse when trying to acquire new target thus you always have to re correct which is counter productive in my opinion. Nonetheless really informative vids. Tnx

  4. lol im english and that accent is most likely the best one ive heard from an ameeeerrrrriccccaaaaaaaan

    Thats how u say ur words to us very exagurated

  5. Thank you for making the tutorial videos, specially when the game is temporarily free for everyone. And for that I have used your code purchasing DLC for WWZ. Thank you again for your time to help other people.

  6. Dang I missed the livestream and the chance to play with you. I was the first one (blackdrawnzer) you invited but I was in the game so it didn’t pop up. Damnn my luck.

  7. Hi, I'm a Brazilian follower, I'm using the translator to send this message, and although I don't understand what you say, you helped me a lot with the guides, I was looking for the game's achievements on Epic, but I didn't find it

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