Worlds 2019 (League of Legends) | Best Plays Montage

Worlds Montage 2019 – Best of the World Championship (Highlights)
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MOHA & Falco – WRCKD:

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Warsongs: The Boy Who Shattered Time (MitiS Remix):

G.P.R Beat – Katana:

VANTE – Astronomical:

Phoenix 2019 Instrumental:

Warsongs: Edge of Infinity (Minnesota Remix):

Unknown Brain – Why Do I? (feat. Bri Tolani):

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28 thoughts on “Worlds 2019 (League of Legends) | Best Plays Montage

  1. I made a cinematic montage about lol esports, would really appreciate it if you'd watch it ❤️

  2. Worlds 2019 no doubt was the best iteration of Worlds so far.
    You can only describe it with one word: S T A C K E D

  3. I hope the whole coronacrisis is done by the time this year's Worlds start, it wouldn't be the same if the public wasn't losing their shit with each play

  4. Think about it: Thanks to IG, FPX could join Worlds, and thanks to FPX, IG will join worlds 2020.

  5. I dont understand why you decided to put CG backdoor against FNC , they didn’t seem to be a threat to FNC’s nexus even Bwipo seems it as a joke
    There were so many moments that could easily replaced that

  6. g2 are bad they always pick the champ of fpx player then they troll and die and lose 3-0 for fpx too ez get reckt g2 if you reed my message g2 YOU GUYS GET REKCCCTCCCTCCT SO HARD

  7. where r Tian had a monster Qiyana game in Groups.

    JackeyLove double kill as Kai'Sa after TheShy ults him.

    Doinb Malphite with a 3 or 4-man ult in Groups.

    Finals Game 3, Tian finds Caps and kicks him into Doinb to start the final teamfight of Worlds.

    JackeyLove Kog'Maw quadra kill vs GRF Game 1

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  10. if SPY take this fucking nash vs FPX we can have SPY 1 and FPX 2nd
    so FPX vs SKT in quater
    and SPY vs FNC
    so 2 european team in semi and SKT have playstyle for win vs FPX and
    in the conclusion EU have free world :'(

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